Thursday, 18 April 2013

Home Again, Home Again

We arrived home a couple days ago, it has been all systems go since.
Today I have managed to sneak a look at some of the photos taken over the last few weeks and I am looking forward to doing a nice long post, especially about a certain polka dot party.

I am tired. Mouse hasn't been sleeping the best since we've been away and is still adjusting being back in his own room. Since he's been rooming in with me the last few weeks, he has become used to being picked up at the smallest squeak to avoid everyone else being roused from slumber. Now he's back at home I let him whinge a bit more and he is not a fan, so the volume of his complaining has escalated. Tonight would not go to bed without me at all. 11.26pm he is finally out. I will be shortly also.

I will get onto updating regularly again and looking forward to it! I will leave you with some matching brotherly loving from our adventures this morning.

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