Friday, 15 March 2013

Illness is Not an Option

There aren't many times I can say I don't like being a parent. Sleepless nights I can handle, tantrums I can put up with, sick kids are manageable, god forbid even man flu, although exasperating is something I can tolerate. Then there is when I am sick. It's like an atomic bomb has been dropped on my family. I know I won't be able to do anything productive, I know the kids will be feral. I totally see being sick as a punishment as no one is going to look after me and house will be obliterated.

I have had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days attached to a drip in the medical centre. I say pleasure as it is a little, to be away from the crazy. I have suffered migraines since the age of 12. I would never wish a migraine on my worst enemy, not the ones I get. The best way I can describe them to someone who hasn't had one, is it's like have a red hot poker driven through your eye repetitively over the course of a few days, which reverberates all over your head and down your neck, while simultaneously worshipping your toilet like you had best night with a bottle of tequila, only I did not *sad face* I also develop photophobia and of course sensitivity to sounds. My children are quite loud, I don't realise actually how loud they are until I develop I migraine and then I curse their every screech and happy cackle. Lately I have been getting these weekly, they are life destroying, not fun.

I was lucky enough to have my husband home this time, which makes it that little bit tolerable. Last night he was left with both boys, and today left with Mouse, my smallest. Apparently they do not mingle.
My husband is fantastic with P, my big boy. Those two are peas in a pod, crazy, loud and both get over excited. Mouse is more my personality twin, quiet, maybe a bit needy and adores affection of the less rough and violent kind. When I finally left the medical centre this afternoon I opened the door of the car to an icy atmosphere and not just from the aircon being cranked full ball. From one morning with a not yet 1 year old, husband has decided we are not having any more children in case they turn out like Mouse. I do have to laugh, apparently the small boy wanted mum all morning, refused sleep and was super needy. He was practically flung at me as I entered the car. I do love that my kids are so different and when the other half experiences a little of my life.

After Husband's busy morning crawling around with a nearly toddler and I was throwing up into a bag, not to mention being on heavy drugs the last 2 days, he wins out and is the one napping, he's exhausted! (haha) I have collected the 3 year old from daycare and done the washing, life resumes as usual, house completely annihilated, but of course. Being hooked up to a drip and poked and prodded for 2 days is almost like a mini break, had a cocktail of drugs, life was grand.

Counting down until actual holiday, well kind of, heading down to Perth the following weekend, I am just so thrilled for the 16hour drive to unfold before us, our children turn into screeching insatiable banshees who just wee all the time, yuck yuck.

Have an awesome weekend all!

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