Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Just a Mum

I have agonised over my first blog post for a while, not as long as I dwelled over a name or for as long as I have considered starting a blog, but a while. I wanted something that introduced who I am and my motives for putting my words into the cyber world, I think I have put too much pressure on the initial post, so I am now just typing and hoping my personality will extend over the course of the blog, not one entry.

Creating a blog has been on my agenda. I have seen other friends with blogs, there are a few strangers I follow, I really enjoy their goings on and things they do. They make me feel inspired, I have laughed with them in happiness and cried with them when situations in life haven't gone to plan. I have seen crafts and wanted to create them with my kids or in turn have ideas and projects others may like to recreate. I wanted to have a space for myself for my words to unravel and to look back on the life we are making.

I didn't want another Mummy blog. I really worked hard on how to incorporate parts of myself aside from being a parent into this, then I thought about why I felt that way and it reminded me of recent conversation. When I was asked as to what I did for a career, my standard response has been "Just a Mum". When asked this again a little while ago, the person responded with "You're not just a Mum, you're A Mum". I realised I was embarrassed of being 'just' a Mum, it sounded so simple, it defined who I am and no one had ever questioned this or asked more about what I do or who I am past that. Even my husband has joked about when I can go back to work.
While trying to find that niche I belonged in over the last few years, I realised nothing has fit as well as motherhood, it is my passion. Since this encounter I have made a real effort to see myself as more than a mother, as my own unique being apart from my kids but appreciate the things that celebrate having my children as a defining point in my life also. I know that through the journey of living, my interests and persona will change and I am wanting to embrace this place I am lingering at now. I am proud of where I stand.

My name is Alisa. A 24 year old mother to two small boys, a 3 year old and a nearly 1 year old, I am a wife to my husband of 2 years. All three of these people I adore however they challenge me on a daily basis. I love it. We reside in a remote mining town in Western Australia, the initial decision of living so far away terrified me, three and a half years later and I feel we have become part of this place. It has changed me beyond what I thought it would. I don't think I quite know who I am entirely, but I go through phases of things I love and want to do. I am making an effort to enjoy the moment more as I feel that will be my biggest regret if I rush through life to get to the end of something without taking it all in. I try to take lots of photos. As a rule, I do things that make me happy.
The greatest happiness I have is being with my small family. My oldest is energetic and bold. He is loud, wild and impulsive. He encompasses everything a little boy should be multiplied by ten and then lavishly sprinkled with mud and a toy car perched on top. My smallest is quiet and contemplative. He is yet to come into his own but is slowly finding his place in the world. Delicate and peaceful but learning to withstand the storm surge his brother brings with a gentle balance. My husband is my rock and my home. The place I can return to when the world is too much but lets me fly free to do I as please. He is kind and good. He makes me laugh and loves our children, which makes me love him even more. I am grateful to have someone by my side such as this, we don't always agree but trust each other, I need someone to provoke different opinions and debate.

Our house is often chaotic. I hope to be honest in that. There are days where I feel exasperated and tired, where I want to time out. I try to start each day as a new one. I must admit though, that I never go to bed feeling defeated, merely challenged to do better or do differently. I never thought parenting would be easy and in that I haven't set myself up to fail. I have a very much 'whats next?' attitude. I try to laugh and find the humour in most things. I enjoy having two children much more than having one, I didn't find the transition altogether easy, but relatively seamless. I never really plan anything, it's a flaw in myself I find works well in having small people.
I hope anyone who reads to have a window into our little corner of the world but have ultimately decided to document out lives in a way that I can keep adding to and looking back on. I hope to be regular enough in updating, I am using this to work on my fantastic ability to procrastinate. I feel excited to have started this, new beginnings are always wonderful :)

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  1. So awesome to finally see you here in blog land! Fantastic name, and great first post!