Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another Mother's Day Approaches

Yesterday I dropped husband off in Karratha to do an Army course.

I took the opportunity to do some shopping whilst I was there, this reminded me of the fact that Mother's Day is fast approaching. I know it's like everything these days, Christmas, Valentines, Easter. Way over commercialised and aimed at squeezing your money out of you. I've not paid too much attention in past years, probably because I don't live in civilisation as such but this year it's bothered me a bit.

I love my Mum and love to buy her something special or a nice card. Usually for Mother/Father's day I have sent something grandchild related, photo frame, hand print activity. I'll do a phone call or if we are around, it's a really great excuse to do lunch - Don't have to cook? Woo hoo! For Daddy's day, Husband gets art and craft from boys, or big boy has helped select something, usually something he likes, "Lighting DaQuee for Daddy? Buzz Woody? Art-i-tock" (Translantion - Lightning McQueen, Toy Story merchandise or a helicopter) The thought is there still. Scratch that, Husband would love those things also.
I have talked to a few Mum's this year even a forum discussion caught my attention. Mum's expecting their partners/husbands/significant others to buy gifts for them for Mother's Day and getting overly upset or angry if heaven forbid they didn't or worse, forgot! Talk of Thermomixes, iPads & jewellery were thrown about. Err what?
 I know my 3 year old would definitely pick the most colourful pasta necklace or if I'm really lucky a giant boogie.
I know Husband did legitimately forget once, I think it was the 1st one, I played sad at him for a bit, then I had a laugh. He has often forgotten important dates, even my birthday one year. I think he made a point of doing something extra special the following year, but it wasn't a gift it was a lovely outing.

It might sound cliché but I think that my kids should be doing something for me for Mother's Day if they want to, not lie any expectations on my husband. I certainly wouldn't ask for anything, I am actually quite grossed out at the amount of Mum's who are expecting to be showered in gifts and praise for releasing a child into the world by their significant others. Push presents fall in this category and are a whole other rant.
I don't feel bitter as we don't make a huge fuss here, I genuinely have little care.

I usually get pretty excited about lovely cards and hand print pictures brought home from daycare. I have had one on my fridge from Fuzzy Mushroom and a lovely painted champagne flute.
With Husband being away I really don't expect anything, I thought I might do a cruisey PJ day with the boys and head to the deli for ice cream in the afternoon. I had to remind him to do a card for his Mum. I am not his Mother, so I would actually feel pretty weird about him buying me gifts. I think at playgroup we might do Mother's Day crafts? If not I have some paint, we might get messy and do handprints. I am a sucker for itty bitty hand impression art.

I must admit, as much as I love my job as a Mama, it is so much hard work. I often forget to enjoy my kids. We had a toilet training incident this morning. I am still a little scarred and in that moment I did not think loving thoughts.
I am so busy working through our haphazard routine that I never really take that time to sit and enjoy. I think that will be my Mother's Day gift.

I want to just enjoy my kids, all day. Not just when they are quiet or asleep and I can reflect on that cute moment Mushroom gave Mouse an impromptu kiss on the head, in-between when I had to get him to let the howling cat out of the cupboard in his room and Mouse wrecking his racetrack and the shrieking that followed that I had to intervene in on.
So this will be my mission and my gift from my boys.
I will have a very happy Mother's Day with the 2 small people who made me as such :)

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