Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chickens in Toilets and Other Tales

I keep meaning to do updates but it has been pretty insane here the last couple weeks, I get into bed and think about things I should blog about. So here is what I can remember.

This year we attended the Anzac dawn service. This is the first one I have been to.
Husband being in the Army had to get all dressed up and look dashing.
 It was nice to see such a large crowd turn up to the service but it was hard to keep two over tired small boys happy at 5.30am. The breakfast that followed was tasty, but after getting up at 4am and to bed at 1am, I actually felt more shattered than I have felt even having a newborn, felt physically ill. 
Made everyone have a nap at 9am. Was not a great day, really long and tiring for all.

 Mouse's sleeping has improved again. Hooray! 
He is sometimes still waking for a feed and snuggle around midnight, but has had a couple sleep right throughs. 
I don't mind the cuddles, in fact I often miss him at night if he sleeps through.
Here he is in his brother's bed. He loves this bed.
He keeps snuggling into the pillow and trying to nap, this makes me sad.
My smallest boy is growing up a lot faster than I remember Mushroom doing.

Now, one of the *highlights* of my day is this.
Sometimes in my house it gets very quiet.
So quiet you might be mistaken for thinking that all is well, however this is a guise.
A guise to lull you into a false sense of security.
This means that if you try to go to say, the toilet or open a toy box you may find this.
Often leaping out at you like a live jack in the box.

Yes. That is a chicken in the toilet.
Her name is Kiev to be precise.
I have come to realise that the chicken is not a very clever bird. 
My 3 year old is a very clever small person.
You see a chicken is awake in the day and at night they sleep, like instantly.
The cupboards of my house, the toilet bowl and the toy boxes get very dark very quickly when the lid is closed.
This means it is now night time and the chicken is paralysed by the sudden need to sleep and is very still and very very quiet.
My 3 year old knows this.
Open the lid and 'Up jumps the scarecrow and this is what he says...'
Except its not a scarecrow and it's not dingling and dangling. 
It's a chicken, it's often wet, terrified, clawing and squawking.
This is of course, beyond hilarious to my 3 year old.
I am less impressed.
Chickens are stupid.

*New toy alert*
My first Girasol ring sling in Glacé.

Isn't she beautiful? I am in love.
I have also managed to score myself a Girasol Summer Beach - Eeeeee!
Will post photos when she arrives.

Driving home from Karratha on my own in the dark was not an experience I am keen to repeat. Silly me thought the boys would snooze.

Mouse screamed for 3 hours solid. I had to drive slow because of the safari that seems to open up across the highways of the Pilbara at night, which took longer.
We made it home in one piece and I had some new things :)

One of those things are these things.

Goldfish x4.
I am glad I took this photo, because as of this morning there are now only three.
An incident involving the cat falling into the tank I think scared the black one to death.
RIP little dude :(

Dinosaur - Just Cause.
 Today was not a good day.
Actually the last week has been pretty full on and I have been getting stressed out.
I don't want to go into all the bad things, but it has really been one thing after another.
 On the plus. Mouse is officially walking! Well. He can, but chooses to crawl still as it is faster.
He can also drink from a sippy cup on his own! He has worked out the up in the air thing and does it quite violently. Hes awfully proud.

Eating a sticky jam Tart - Never Again
 Because this morning started with a bowl of red staining jelly being taken from the fridge, mashed up and flung all over my house and freshly cleaned carpet, I just couldn't deal from there on in. Everything I did, I had 2 small people just doubling the mess behind me.
By the afternoon I decided we would go to the park for a picnic.
I am glad we did as it got us all out of the house and we did something together that was a positive thing. It was lovely down there. Mushroom loves to play and Mouse loves to eat.
Everyone was catered to.

I am really thinking positive thoughts as it is a long time until Husband is due back and the last two days have nearly had me throwing in the towel before I've even had a coffee.
My goal is to do something everyday that makes me feel like I have achieved something productive, other than doing Mummy things.
Today I organised a new shoe box, Mouse kept pulling all the shoes off rack and we swept the carport and tided general crap. 
Productive thing for the day - Tick. 
On that note, I will be off.
Happy cooler days ahead as we head into winter.

Who Needs the big man of the House When you Have Helpers Like This?

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